Stan Lee, Long Live the King / by J. Logan Carey

I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw the news today although we all new this was coming. Stan Lee, legendary comics king of Marvel passed away at the age of 95.

What a life, what a personality, what a legacy.

I got to see Stan in person for one brief moment. My wife’s grandfather, Mart Nodell, worked for Stan back in the heady days of comic book lore. We met up with Stan at Heroescon in Charlotte and snuck past the photo line so Jacque could get a quick hug and catch up with him. I took a quick snap of the moment here...



He was as warm and charming as I had always kind of hoped he was. I’ll never quite get over having seen him in real life. Wow.

Here’s a quick tribute I did in Procreate to commemorate such an awesome guy who helped bring about so many of the stories and characters I love today. 


Thanks for everything Stan! Excelsior!