Spellbook Icon in Procreate / by J. Logan Carey

This week I decided to start slowly working my way through the backlog of art tutorials I’ve been accumulating. Today I did a Gumroad tutorial by Ruslan Kim on How to Draw a Game Icon

This particular tutorial was taught in Photoshop, which I don’t use, so I wanted to see how I would fair using Procreate instead.

Here is the creator’s results below…

Copyright Ruslan Kim

Copyright Ruslan Kim


And here are my results with Procreate…


Altogether I’m not displeased with the results. I’ve never attempted this kind of crisp game art, or anything isometric, and I didn’t realize until starting the tutorial that it was narrated in Russian with hilariously wrong English subtitles and of course taught in a totally different program.

I really enjoyed working on it and learned a lot so I think some more game icon practice is in my future.