Procreate Brush Review: Space Noise / by J. Logan Carey


If there’s one simple way to give your illustrations some depth and character, it’s a noise brush. They can take a flat and boring image and turn into into something really unique. Now, there’s one solitary noise brush in the Procreate default brushes called Noise Brush (it’s in the Touchups menu). It’s not bad, but it is nice to have some options.

Enter the Space Noise Procreate Brush Set…dun dun DUNNNNNN, available on Gumroad.

Can I say just how much I love Gumroad? I LOVE GUMROAD.

These are five excellent noise brushes made by Justas Galaburda of Iconuptopia, a site where he teaches icon design. For a sample of Justas’ work, check out his Instagram where his icon designs have a HUGE following. I’d sell a finger for numbers like this. Okay maybe not a finger, a toe perhaps, don’t need all of those anyway.


The Space Noise brush set is made up of five excellent noise brushes, the different styles of which you can see above.

Can I just say how much I appreciate a simple brush set with well titled brushes? These names stick in my brain a lot better than other brush sets where they might be titled ThisBrushPro and ThatBrushPro V.2 and ThemsBrushPro SUPER V.2. I’m probably going need to start naming other brushes myself based on what I use them for so I can remember them.


Here’s a quick piece I did below with the Space Noise set. I’ve been looking at a lot of Eyvind Earle concept art for Sleeping Beauty lately so it probably shows in what I ended up with.

The Space Noise brush set is currently available for $9.99 for early purchasers until March 4th where they’ll go up to $14.99. All buyers get any future updates absolutely FREE. Such is the magic of Gumroad.

Check them out and show me what you’ve come up with using them by sending me a Tweet!