Matterhorn Poster / by J. Logan Carey

Recently I worked on a vintage tourism style poster of the Matterhorn from Disneyland for an old friend of mine. I absolutely love those style posters, especially for places that are fictional so when she gave the Matterhorn as a subject I was very excited to experiment with it.

Here is my page of thumbnails I did to get an idea of composition and what worked. The Matterhorn itself in Disneyland has a different shape based on what angle you’re looking at it from so I had to decide which one I liked best. I did some image searches for vintage photos of the ride so I could get an idea what it looked like back then as some parts have been updated such as the luge cars.


I also played with a crest style border seen above, but that’s probably more for a patch or something like that. Here’s the finished piece... 


Hand lettering seems like it would bother my perfectionist tendencies, but one of the best things about vintage posters like this are the non-perfect, hand-lettering. Graphic design can make lettering so crisp and clean that it loses some of its charm for me.  

Anyway, I was really happy with the end result, aside from the fact that I didn’t get to include a Yeti because I ran out time. Love that guy. Maybe on the next one.