My Online Art Education / by J. Logan Carey

I am getting serious about art later in life. Having already gone the university route to get my Bachelor's in Anthropology with the loans to prove it and not the job to make it worth it, I am very opposed to the idea of returning to a traditional college environment to learn art.

I've listened to a lot of artists that have already been through art school and most seem to be riddled with debt and many claim they were never taught the skills necessary to obtain a real job anyway. Many recommend learning through online programs because of the convenience and the much lower cost. I couldn't agree more. 

Now, although I am on a steady diet of YouTube videos on art because there is a TON of excellent material there, I think there is still value in learning with guided instruction (even online) in a traditional class style format.

Lesson, lesson, homework, repeat. That kind of thing.

It seems like even just a few years ago, online art courses were in their early stages and people were pricing them at pie-in-the-sky levels. We're talking hundreds of dollars per course that lasted a few hours. I think they were using the old college model to price courses, not realizing how overinflated those prices are to begin with.

Things have really come down to reasonable levels these days. With constantly growing online art learning platforms to choose from like Schoolism, The Oatley Academy, and Society of Visual Storytelling populated with industry professionals teaching focused and valuable material for $200 to $300 for an ENTIRE YEAR of access to courses, there really has never been a more affordable and more convenient way to learn art. There are even more options with platforms like Udemy and Gumroad and niche websites like the iPad & ProCreate focused Art Study Online, any of which offer huge courses for $12-13. And I'm barely scratching the surface.

I'm piecing my own online art curriculum together through a variety of sources and will probably be creating a standalone page just to track the courses and materials I've learned from. It'll create a tangible place to look back and see all the foundation that has been laid for whatever future projects I do. 

Off to class!