Making a Webcomic - Part 6 / by J. Logan Carey

I just wanted to thank everyone for checking out the second chapter in my comic, Zodiac. It's gotten a lot of reads and positive feedback so I feel like I'm moving in the right direction.

But we've still got ten...TEN?!...ten chapters to go on this project. Holy crap.

I've been taking a bit of time between chapters to work on more drawing fundamentals and getting in a consistent weekly habit of drawing every day, getting up earlier (trying though, by Crom I am trying), and filling sketchbook pages. I'm feeling pretty good about jumping into the next chapter of Zodiac because there ain't no time like the present.

With that I wanted to announce that the next chapter will be...Taurus! This was highly requested by my better half because that's her zodiac sign and she really enjoyed the feel of the story so that's what we're gonna do.

I've started a Pinterest board of inspiration for the story that I think will help influence the overall tone and feel of what I'm going for. I've never really used Pinterest too much, but I've REALLY gotten into lately as an inspiration and reference collection.

Next step: putting the prose story into comic script form