Making a Webcomic - Part 4 / by J. Logan Carey

Thought I would drop an update on how Zodiac is coming along.

I was spit-balling a bit when it came to adapting the prose version I had originally written into a comic script. Basically I was re-reading the prose and plotting out the panels and narration in my head.


I realized rather quickly that only a few pages in and I got totally confused as to what the panels were supposed to be depicting and what the narration would be. This is pretty important as it gives you an idea of how large to do the panels, not to mention what actually goes in them.

Continuing my goal of doing this project primarily on my iPad Pro, I loaded the original prose version of Zodiac and Apple Notes in a split screen and proceed to write out the script, panel for panel. 


Writing script is not natural for me, so it'll take getting used to, but I was able to finish the script and figure out that the Gemini chapter I am working on needed to be seven pages when originally I had envisioned it as four. Another reason to write out the script, it tells you exactly how long your comic will be or a very close approximation.

After the first couple of pages I also discovered I wasn't too sure about the dimensions template I drew and then scanned to use in Procreate. After seeing some other comics people using official blue line templates in their comics, I decided to find one for myself.

There's a lot of templates out there. There's a lot of people saying they know the correction dimensions for doing comics when other people are wrong. It is incredibly confusing. A lot of professional looking templates are behind expensive paywalls as well. So I turned to Gumroad for options. 

I found a nice looking template from Robert A. Marzullo of Ram Studio Comics.


It's a pay what you want product, part of why I'm really starting to appreciate Gumroad, so potentially you could try it out for almost nothing. However, if you are enjoying the product, I highly recommend going back to the seller and giving them some coin for their time. Robert is also selling a brush set of his own creation for Procreate, so you might consider checking those out as well.

Now that I've got my script and template, I can lay down the rough pencils (did I mention ROUGH?) for Gemini.


Next step: Inking