Making a Webcomic - Part 2 / by J. Logan Carey

Thanks for coming back for the second part in my as-yet-to-be numbered series in making a webcomic. Back in the first installment, I talked about I decided to redraw the first few panels on paper and see how it turned out. Well below you can see the fruits of that effort...


So obviously this is rough stuff, but honestly, I'm VERY pleased with how it is coming together. This is my first completed comic page of pencils. <does happy dance>

After finishing the page, I took the picture you see above and imported it into Procreate to start the inking process. I outlined the panels which aren't perfect but I'm happy with the straight lines.

Procreate tip: As you draw a line, if you stop and still hold the stylus to the screen the line will "snap" straight from the point you started the line to the point you stopped.


I couldn't help myself and decided to start a new layer and try my hand at some coloring the first couple of panels. Again, I am VERY happy with the tools available in Procreate as it is very approachable even for an amateur like myself. Now to just keep working on the ink for page one. I think I might even get a little crazy and color the rest of it. I still have many more pages to do, but it will be a big symbolic victory to finish a page to completion. I have also decided to try doing as much of the process on my iPad Pro as possible. As such, I'll be looking into options for lettering on the iPad, so we'll see what kind of results I can get with different apps.

Next Step: Coloring and Adding Text Bubbles