Making a Webcomic - Part 1 / by J. Logan Carey

Welcome to the first post detailing the nitty gritty of making a webcomic, or at least, my bumbling my way through making my first webcomic, from pencils all the way to pixels.

Since this is all going to be a learning process, I didn't want to get too bogged down worrying about using only the highest quality supplies and industry standard widths and margins used by all the biggest publishers. I'm just a person on the interwebs trying to make a funny book. So I settled on using a Strathmore Drawing pad, Medium Surface, 9 x 12, 80 lb. This paper is high quality enough that I think it looks good and lends well to finished art while being pretty cheap to get your hands on. While I did purchase a pad of SUPER EXTREMO FANCY 11 x 17 paper made expressly for the purpose of drawing comics on, I'm not using it. It looks awesome, but it's way too overwhelming to think about drawing something that size at this point in my life. 

Now that I've got my drawing medium for my pencils, I've got to decide what dimensions to use. If you're trying to answer this question for your own comic, buckle your seatbelt before you hit SEARCH because there's about 4,000 different answers. While you may be tempted to look at what the big kids are using in their studios...who cares? Just find a size you're comfortable with and can lend well to scanning. I am drawing my comic at 8 inches wide by 10 1/2 inches tall. It's probably a little wider than modern comics, but if you ask me, modern comics are too damned skinny anyway. Plus, this comic is going online, and in the magic of the internet <insert rainbow>, you can make your comic whatever the hell dimension you want. As long as it's no wider than a standard screen ratio or as long as you use a responsive site which will auto-size your images.

I've also decided to redraw the first panel of Gemini on my page seen below:


Gemini will take place in the desert so that'll require a lot of desert type landscape sketch practice.


While I have Clip Studio Paint, I think I'm going to give it a shot inking and coloring on my iPad. I've been super impressed with the art apps available for it like Procreate which just seems to keep getting better.

Hopefully I'll have the all the panels on the first page filled out for my next post.

Next Step: Start Drawing in Procreate