Looking for inspiration? Try Instagram Collections / by J. Logan Carey

I tend to save a lot of images all over my computer. I use them as inspiration for writing and drawing ideas. Having some visual reference around can really spark my imagination, but I'm always trying to track down where they end up and the folder sizes can start to really get huge. Well I found a super useful alternative courtesy of the latest update from Instagram: Collections

Now when you see an image you really love and want to hang on to, you can select the ribbon icon on the bottom right of the image. Tapping it once will place it in your Saved images, long press and you can create or select a specific Collection to place it in.


This is great considering you really can only save Instagram posts by taking screenshots as they do not support image downloading in the app or on the web and lots of great pictures get lost over time when there's so many to comb through. It's basically a bookmarking tool for images, kind of like Pinterest, except better, and I'll explain how. 

Pinterest is, obviously, a huge digital pin board where anyone in the world can take images, usually someone else's, and dump them online and then sort of get credit for organizing the images together. Now, people can repost other people's images on Instagram too, but it's much less prevelant and typically credit is given to the original poster.  

On Instagram, when selecting an image from you Collection, not only can you easily go to the entire feed from the creator who made the image you really love, but you can personally interact with them via comments or even direct message. It's akin to Twitter in that there's much more of a one-to-one relationship with the person creating the images. 


I have quite a few Collections going and it has really helped kickstart my inspiration levels when I'm stuck and just want to breeze through a stream of images. 

Collections are currently private only which is kind of nice, so you can't see mine, but you CAN connect with me on Instagram at @jlogancarey. Come on over, build some Collections, and gimme some emojis, you might just get some back. 😉👋