Inktober Week 2 Recap: Justice League Dark / by J. Logan Carey

Week 2 of Inktober is now behind us. WHERE IS THIS GLORIOUS MONTH GOING ANYWAY?! My character theme for the second week was Justice League Dark characters as they’re some of my favorites in all of the DC universe. I only ended up doing six and included the big bad Enchantress as she’s the chief villain in the beginning of the series. I also did my own version of The Sandman / Morpheus, one of my favorites of all time. All drawings were again done in Procreate on the iPad Pro. I also decided to try a little color on a couple of the illustrations and left a couple sketchy so I can better learn how it’s handled in Procreate.

Swamp Thing

John Constantine

Boston Brand / Deadman


Etrigan / The Demon


Morpheus / The Sandman