Expedition Art / by J. Logan Carey

Let me tell you about a fantastic nonprofit organization I discovered called Expedition Art. They’re a group of well known artists and industry professionals who have teamed up to raise awareness for wildlife and nature conservation (two causes close to my heart) initiatives through art.

How frickin’ cool is that?

I learned about the organization listening to Bobby Chiu’s excellent Chiustream podcast. Here’s the video version below…

Their current project is a Kickstarter campaign for a GORGEOUS art book of critically endangered wildlife called: In-Danger Book: Artists United for Wildlife Conservation. As of this moment, they’re two weeks and a few grand off of their goal.

Here’s the video about it from their Kickstarter page…

The list of artists on this book is kind of mind-blowing, I highly recommend checking it out and supporting a worthy cause and art that could directly impact our world for the better.