Best Brushes for Procreate / by J. Logan Carey

A quick note for iPad artists,

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about if wearing an artist glove with your iPad makes a difference. IT DOES. Mainly it helps the side of your hand slide more easily across the screen and prevents smudge marks from the natural oil of your skin which saves you time wiping it off. I wear mine all the time.

They’re all kind of flimsy, but personally I recommend the Huion Artist Glove as they’re a good name, it’s simple, and inexpensive.

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Procreate is quickly becoming the go-to drawing application for digital artists making the transition to an iPad Pro and an Adobe-free life. The simple interface, intuitiveness, and mobility have been game changers for me personally. I'm making art digitally on a daily basis whereas a few years ago I barely had drawn a few things on my computer because the software was just too hard to grasp or too expensive to use.

Another fantastic feature of Procreate are the excellent brush packs that artists are creating for it and with the new features of iOS 11's drag-and-drop, installing them is a breeze and won't break the bank either.

Here's a few of my absolute got-to-have brush packs...


Space Noise

If you’re looking for some quality aged and organic textures of noise brushes, the Space Noise brush set from Iconutopia is all you’ll ever really need. You’ll get five fantastic looking noise brushes and free lifetime updates. I’ve written about them at length including an example of my own work using the brushes here.

Price: $9.99, until March 4th, then $14.99

Daub Expression.jpg

DAUB Brushes

DAUB brushes are all about recreating the textures and nibs of real paint, ink, watercolor, chalk, etc which they do exceedingly well. One inexpensive set will give you 142 high quality brushes which is why the DAUB set is a MUST HAVE for any Procreate user.

Price: €5.99 (Accepts all currencies)

Eric Merced.png

Eric Merced

Eric's ProInker and ProShapes brushes provide a ton of options for inking and even creating shapes within Procreate! In particular I can't live without his Smooth series of brushes in the ProInker set. The shape tools also come really handy, although they may be a bit difficult to get the exact size you want, they provide excellent guides for drawing your own.

Price: $5.99+ (Fair price option)

True Grit Texture Supply.jpg

True Grit Texture Supply

Halftone and distressed texture brushes galore is what you'll find from True Grit. You want to get that classic comic halftone look? This is where you're going to get it. Their Distress Press brush set will give you a highly realistic looking effect of high contrast grit, grunge, noise, paper grain, rubber stamp, letterpress and natural woodtype. There's a lot to play with here.

Price: $15 per set or $35 for all three

Georg von Westphalen.png

Georg von Westphalen

Georg has created a PLETHORA of wonderful brushes for Procreate, but a couple of the stand-outs for me are his ink brushes and his Dynamic Doodler set. You really have to look at his page to see all the fantastic tools he has created. He has such an extensive library, his website is literally: He has a bunch of sets to pick and choose from, but the best value by far is his $15+ MegaPack which comes with EVERYTHING. ZOMG!

Price: $15+ (Fair price option)

Missy Meyer.jpg

Missy Meyer

While not specifically geared towards drawing, Missy's letter brushes warrants a special mention because she is a cartoonist and maker of fonts of her own and her lettering brushes are just so damned fun to play with. Did I mention they're FREE? They're free.

Price: Free

There are lots more brush sets for Procreate out there to choose from and more popping up every day, but these are the ones I won't work without. If there's any brushes that you want to recommend, feel free to drop me a line!

If this post has been useful, you can support me by checking out my comics that I've created with these brushes on Gumroad by clicking here! Thanks!