A Wedding You Won't Remember / by J. Logan Carey

A good number of you have kindly asked Jacque and myself about our wedding plans so I thought I would write a bit here just so everyone knows what the heck is going on with this nuptial situation and a little bit about the story of us.

How we got here…


Jacque and I met in Nashville a little over five years ago. We were both refugees from the cold North, shared a love of comic books and degrees in Anthropology that amusingly neither one of us were using and that’s all we really needed to get started. Our first date was at a comic book shop, something my teenage brain would have never have believed in it’s wildest dreams.

We dated for a couple of years before we got our first place together in Nashville. It was a mid-century house on a steep hill with thin walls and no central air. The week we moved in the city had an ice storm and all the cars on our street crashed at the bottom of the hill, so we were stranded for four days without much in the way of food and NO INTERNET. The fact that we made it through that alone virtually guaranteed we would stay together. The house was hot as hell in the summer and freezing in the winter. It had ant problems, water damage, and we saw at least one snake living in a hole underneath the porch. It was quite the “adventure”.


After a year, we decided we wanted to move to Chattanooga, a city and region of Tennessee that we had visited several times and fell deeply in love with. We both looked for jobs with the plan that when one of us got a job, we would both move and figure out the rest later. Jacque ended up getting that job first, so I turned in my notice and off we went. That was in the beginning of 2016.

We found a great place to rent that was close to the city and all it had to offer. I found work a few months after we moved, just about when money started getting tight, and things have been great ever since. We’ve made some amazing friends and are putting down roots in Chattanooga for the long haul. This is definitely home.

On our anniversary of May 20th, 2016, I planned a little excursion to the Hunter Museum of American Art, a museum connected to a historic mansion in the picturesque area of Bluff View in Chattanooga, overlooking the Tennessee River. It was a quiet day, but I was worried about crowds and generally just nervous as hell because I had a diamond engagement ring in my pocket that had once belonged to my great-grandmother and I planned on giving it to Jacque. I wanted it to be just us when I proposed, a quiet moment that was only for us to share.


The mansion was totally empty except for us. We went from room to room looking at the paintings, then up to the second floor and as we got to the last room and I still hadn’t proposed and was starting to panic about finding the perfect moment. We walked to the second floor landing that opened to a large bay window that looked out at mist-covered mountains and I knew it didn’t get any better than that and got down on one knee.

Jacque said, “what are you doing?!” when she saw the ring. Thankfully, she immediately said “yes” right after that and here we are.


Both of our mothers have past and our family and friends are spread throughout the country and overseas so we’ve decided to get married in a small private ceremony in our beloved home of Chattanooga with just ourselves and an officiant at the end of October 2018. We would of course love to see everyone together, but we know how difficult it is traveling for weddings, especially with so many of you having kids and careers these days, and we wanted to make it very easy on everybody, ourselves included.

And just for your info, nobody’s pregnant. Ok?

We will be getting dressed up and having pictures taken by a professional photographer so there will at least be some proof to the outside world that this thing actually happened. We’ll be sure to share those when we they’re ready.

As for our honeymoon, we decided we wanted to be as cliché as you please and go to Disneyworld! We’re really excited to be honest. Poe and Bradbury, our two cats, will be staying at the local pet hotel were they will be doted on, and will properly chastise us for not bringing them upon our return.

As far as a wedding registry goes, we thought about that a lot, and the truth is we’ve lived together for several years now and pretty much have all the household stuff that a newlywed couple would ask for if they were just starting their lives together, so we aren’t registered for any physical items.


Where we are registered is on a website called Disney Honeymoon Wishes to help fund our trip, here’s the link. So you can save the crystal butter dish, and save yourself the airline fare while you’re at it and help us try all the desserts in EPCOT by contributing. Your generosity means the world to us.

That’s our story for now, we’re sure there will be…little additions as time progresses. We would love to see you guys in the future so don’t be strangers! Come on down to our little home on the edge of the mountains and we’ll show you a good time and if we spend a lot of it trying to convince you to move to Chattanooga, just remember it’s because we love you and want to see you more.

Have you heard about our free electric shuttle? Fastest internet in the WORLD? The fact we were rated Best Town Ever by Outside Magazine, TWICE?!

With love,

J. & J.