Sketchbook: The Twilight Zone, The Comedian by J. Logan Carey


The original Twilight Zone series influence on my discovery and love of sci-fi and horror cannot be overstated. It had a HUGE impact on me. I’ve rewatched the original series many, many times. I’ve longed for a true heir to the show to appear and never had the high hopes that CBS would bring back the true Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele at the helm. I couldn’t imagine of a better inheritor of Serling’s legendary mantle than Peele.

We watched the first episode of the new season and it was fantastically done. The quality of the cinematography looks like a movie, the frequency of somewhat distorted close-up shots is wonderful and unnerving, it’s just really damn well done. The added bonus of it being on CBS All Access is a much freer creative reign to add more adult references and my absolute favorite…SWEARING. It makes me feel like I’m watching a real show made for adults, not dumbed down for the family fun time crowd. Kumail Nanjiani as the lead in the series opener was perfect and demanded a quick fan art sketch.

I already love the show so much I’m sure there will be more fan art in the future.

Scene from the Suburban Wasteland by J. Logan Carey

Sketched in Procreate

Sketched in Procreate

A sight that could be out of a post-apocalyptic story, is actually just something I saw while waiting in my car for my walmart grocery order. A minimum wage employee will bring a weeks worth of food to my car while thirty yards away two people ride up on bicycles and rummage through the trash of a nearby little caesars. Nothing separates the four of us but circumstance and a few choices.