Expedition Art by J. Logan Carey

Let me tell you about a fantastic nonprofit organization I discovered called Expedition Art. They’re a group of well known artists and industry professionals who have teamed up to raise awareness for wildlife and nature conservation (two causes close to my heart) initiatives through art.

How frickin’ cool is that?

I learned about the organization listening to Bobby Chiu’s excellent Chiustream podcast. Here’s the video version below…

Their current project is a Kickstarter campaign for a GORGEOUS art book of critically endangered wildlife called: In-Danger Book: Artists United for Wildlife Conservation. As of this moment, they’re two weeks and a few grand off of their goal.

Here’s the video about it from their Kickstarter page…

The list of artists on this book is kind of mind-blowing, I highly recommend checking it out and supporting a worthy cause and art that could directly impact our world for the better.

Sketchbook: Glencolumbkille by J. Logan Carey

Just a couple a quick sketches in my pocket sketchbook today. I was listening to some Irish music and it made me reminisce for the summer I spent there for school. I was also the best man at a wedding in the far west of Ireland in a small town named Glencolumbkille. A more picturesque Irish village there was not. Here’s a couple of quick scene sketches of the town.


Book Review: Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts by J. Logan Carey

I just recently discovered the Sketching from the Imagination series by independent book publisher, 3dtotal Publishing. They’re the very same publishing house that also puts out the excellent Character Design Quarterly series.

Sketching from the Imagination presents sketches or other artwork from fifty different artists from a variety of fields and focused on one particular genre of art. They include brief interviews with each artist where they discuss how they go about creating art, their techniques, their tools, and what they do to get inspired and stay motivated. I’ve gotten a couple of the books so far and I really love flipping through them to get inspired.

As soon as I saw a “Dark Arts” edition I knew I had to have it. That’s a style I absolutely adore and I need to create more dark art pieces in the future.

List of the fifty artists who contributed for this book…

There are several books out in the series including Fantasy, Characters, Sci-Fi, Creatures & Monsters, An Insight Into Creative Drawing, and Dark Arts.

I was already a big fan of the majority of the artists in the book, but I got to learn about some new artists I hadn’t run into yet.

A couple of my absolute favorites made an appearance such as E.M. Gist


Abigail Larson, always fantastic…


…and Ryan and Matthew Murray who are tattoo artists based in Salem, Massachusetts, but whose pieces absolutely fit the theme. It would be a dream to one day get a tattoo from them.


Here’s a full flip-through courtesy of Parka Blogs, a very helpful YouTube channel that just flips through art books without any commentary. Super useful.

I’ve got a couple more books in the series to review in the future so check back for those. Thanks for stopping by.